It can't be...

COME OGNI (CALDA) domenica estiva, ecco Doonesbury di Garry B. Trudeau


4th of July

ALCUNE COSE INTERESSANTI da sapere sul giorno dell’Indipendenza americana

Money quote: “Americans have been celebrating independence from British rule on July 4 for more than two centuries, but a more accurate date to celebrate may actually be July 2.

While Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, it made the formal call for freedom on July 2. The Declaration of Independence became official only on Aug. 2, 1776, after members of Congress signed the document, according to the National Archives.”

E poi, qualche numero (perché agli statunitensi i numeri piacciono, in omaggio al neopragmatismo quantitativista)

Money quote:
“150 million

Number of hot dogs eaten on the Fourth of July. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, that's enough hot dogs to make a line from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles more than five times.”

E se poi avete voglia di guardarvi un “bel film patriottico” (per l’Indipendenza americana, non per il Risorgimento nostrano, non ci sbagliamo) eccone qui ben 15, a partire da “The Patriot” di Mel Gibson.

Money quote: “While there’s no shortage of patriotic programming, there is certainly a handful of movies and TV shows that stand ahead of the pack in terms of quality and entertainment value. 
Here’s a list of 15 patriotic movies and TV shows that you can watch on your day off.” 


Here's an interesting one, Mike...

DOONESBURY SEMPRE GIOIOSO e giocoso: grande Garry B. Trudeau, come ogni domenica


All quiet?

DOMENICA DI SOLE, pioggia e lago. Domenica di Garry B. Trudeau con il suo Doonesbury


So... where... twins?

DOMENICA PRIMA DELLA partenza per New York City. Una domenica lunga ma piacevole, anche con Doonesbury di Garry B. Trudeau




GLI AMERICANI SI interrogano su molte cose in questo periodo. E scoprono che la semplificazione della realtà non funziona. Ad esempio, in campo sanitario.

Money quote: “More women in this country are prescribed oral contraception for medical reasons than for pregnancy prevention. If the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress succeed in stripping funding from Planned Parenthood and giving employers carte blanche to deny women necessary medication under murky notions of moral disdain, all paths to health and wellness will disappear for a huge swath of Americans.” 


Start over

L'OBIETTIVO È RIPENSARE il modello della crescita. E andare oltre la retorica della startup (contrapposta a quella dell'impresa "tradizionale"). Perché, finalmente si comincia a dirlo sempre più spesso, le startup fanno probabilmente bene all'economia, ma non fanno bene a chi le fa.

Money quote:

"The problem is the way most approach entrepreneurship is flawed from the beginning. They try to be disruptors, build the new put-successful-company-name-here and end up with a unicorn. Unfortunately, though, not many of those actually have the chutzpah and genius needed to do that.

Ever wondered why we always hear about the Jobses, Zuckerbergs, Kalanicks and Cheskys, and only about them? That’s because there are not many people who can actually build something so successful and disruptive."


Piccolo Buddah

SE ANDATE A Hong Kong, non fatevi mancare il cimitero degli dei minori.

Money quote: "At the bottom of the stairs in Waterfall Bay Park in the southern part of the Wah Fu district of Hong Kong is a hillside where people bring household deities they can no longer keep"


Attributi dialettici

TERRORISMO E RAPPORTI geopolitici. Donald Trump critica il sindaco di Londra dopo gli attacchi, questi fa dire che non ha tempo per rispondere ai tweet presidenziali perché è impegnato in cose serie, mentre la scrittrice inglese J.K.Rowling spara la sua bordata

Money quote: “It's called 'leadership', Donald. The terrorists were dead 8 minutes after police got the call. If we need an alarmist blowhard, we'll call”


Risparmio informato

MESTIERE CHE FAI, etica (e deontologia) che trovi.

Money quote: "You're not supposed to lie to the public as a lawyer, or mislead your sources as a journalist, etc; none of this is meant to be any sort of ethical advice. But if someone says to you "oh yeah I murdered someone," as a lawyer, your baseline expected response would be not to tell anyone; as a journalist, your baseline expected response would be to tell everyone."